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© Håvard Myklebust
© Håvard Myklebust
© Håvard Myklebust


feb. 01, 2020 - april 30, 2020


This is for sure something spesial and a unique experience that everyone should get the chance to try out. These trips starts at our office in Stranda where you get equiped with the headlamps and a short introduction to our trip. You´re also able to rent ski touring equipment at our office if you don´t have your own.

We take a short drive up to where we start on snow and make our way up towards the summit of the night in the light from our headlamps. With the right conditions there´s good chances for northern lights on this tour, and there´s nothing that beet´s that – ski touring with northern lights.

Some people think it´s hard to ski when it´s dark – think again! With our strong headlamps with several 1000 lumens it´s going to be bright as day!

Included in the price

Guide - Avalanche equipment - Avalanche backpack - Super strong headlamp

As the first company in Norway we now offer avalanche backpacks for all our customers. If you ever get caught in an avalanche an avalanche backpack is the only thing that can increase the chance of survival. Our guide don´t take bigger risks because of these backpacks but we want to offer you all the safety-nets available on the market. On the video to the right you can see how it works.


Are you keen to try out light ski touring-gear? Then you have the possibility to rent it from us during the trip. We have ski touring-packages from Dynafit, with booth wide and thin skis that suits the previling snow conditions.
Price: 200,- for complete package containing skis, boots, skins and poles.


Difficulty EasyThis tour is doable for everyone who have done offpiste skiing before.

Insurances - Remember that you need a insurance that covers offpiste skiing.

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